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What is the North Pole Experience?

The North Pole Experience is a Christmas adventure of a lifetime that takes families on a trolley ride through the magic portal to Santa’s massive workshop in the middle of the forest. Children and parents are then guided off the trolley where they knock for the elves. Once families enter Santa’s toy factory headquarters, that is where the real magic begins.
Santa’s Workshop at the North Pole Experience is a complete, hands-on experience for children. Families work side-by-side with the elves, building toys and interacting with the workshop bustle. They receive access to Santa’s main factory floor with soaring toy slides and ceilings, attend Elf University, visit with Mrs. Claus and enjoy cookies and snowman soup in the bakery. Don’t forget Santa’s mailroom, his personal office, and his top-secret “Area 47″ Sleigh Hanger, featuring his famous sleigh, jam packed with some of the most advanced technology in the world, runway lights, radar systems and more. Families end the hour and 1/2 workshop tour with a private family visit with Santa.
The North Pole Experience™ is the critically acclaimed Santa Experience located in the idyllic and breath-taking
 resort ski/summer destination of Flagstaff, AZ.

Where is the North Pole Experience located?

The Little America Flagstaff is the official NPX Trolley Departure Station. Just like a scene out of a favorite holiday movie, the Trolley Launch Station is located on Little America’s 500 acres of beautiful, private forest decked out in over a million Christmas lights for the holiday season, making it the perfect backdrop for NPX guests.
The North Pole Experience trolleys depart from our host hotel and The Little America Hotel. Guests board their trolley and enjoy a magical ride through the forest. They travel through the magic portal to a massive workshop located in the middle of the winter forest / North Pole.
The North Pole Experience check-in is located inside the Little America Hotel lobby.
ADDRESS: 2515 E. Butler Avenue, Flagstaff, AZ 86004 or

What makes the North Pole Experience different/unique compared to the Polar Express train ride or other Santa events?

The North Pole Experience™ is a Christmas Experience unlike anything else. NPX is a “hands-on/interactive” experience where children and their parents are actually allowed into Santa’s Toy Factory and workshop. Inside Santa’s Workshop, your family will have access to Santa’s top-secret “Area 47” Sleigh Hanger, featuring his famous sleigh, jam packed with some of the most advanced technology in the world, runway lights, radar systems and more. Guests also have private access to Santa’s main factory floor, with soaring toy slides. Your children will also work with the elves to assemble toys, tour Santa’s toy hall of fame and factory, attend Elf University, and even meet Santa himself for one-on-one family time, and photos. The entire experience is a magical, full of light, sound and workshop action.
The Polar Express is a separate attraction in Williams, Arizona where you experience a train ride on The Polar Express™, from the classic children’s book by Chris Van Allsburg.

What is the total duration of the experience?

The North Pole Experience lasts approximately an hour and 1/2 to hour and 45 minutes (90 minutes) from the time of departure from Little America to your arrival back at the hotel. (Please note, this does not include meal time.)   Times may vary depending on weather, and/or unforeseen circumstances.

I have already purchased tickets but I would like to change my current reservation?

The North Pole Experience offers a one-time courtesy change per reservation and any additional changes are subject to availability. The rebooking fee is $5.00/ticket. Please make sure to plan your trip accordingly when booking. If change is needed, please email Please note, all NPX tickets are non-refundable from time of purchase due to intricate timing and planning of the experience.

Does Santa’s Workshop have handicap accommodations?

All handicap guests must have spoken to an NPX reservationist and reserved a handicap trolley prior to booking. It is very important if you have a handicap and have not scheduled with a reservationist prior to your arrival, that you call to verify your trolley. Santa does have a handicap accessible trolley, but all tickets must be pre-scheduled with a reservationist. Foldable wheelchairs are best and welcome on the bus at all times. For questions please call 480-779-9679.

What is the difference between day time workshop tours and evening workshop tours?

DAY: NPX has day-time workshop tours on selected dates with tour times from 10:00-3:45pm. These day time tours have special trolley effects so children can experience the magic and wonder of Santa’s Workshop without the night time exterior lights.

How many people are on each trolley? If I book at the same time/date as another family, how do I ensure I’m in the same group?

Each trolley holds an intimate group of 55 people. This will be the group you are with the entire experience, so please plan ahead if you are traveling with friends or family. The small groups ensure your child will have lots of one-on-one time with everyone they meet. There is only one trolley that leaves at each time and date, so as long as you book the same time, you will be in the same group together. Private trolley’s can be reserved for your group, with minimum 55 ticket purchase. Private trolleys are booked with a group rate at 20% off.

Can I stay in Flagstaff and book the North Pole Experience and the Polar Express?

ABSOLUTELY. We highly suggest making a magical Christmas weekend for your family and experiencing both together the same weekend! Both are incredibly different experiences.

Are tickets to the North Pole Experience refundable?

Tickets to the North Pole Experience are NON-REFUNDABLE, but can be extended to another date/time during the 2015 season. Please note, any changes must be pre-arranged three weeks prior to original trolley departure date for best opportunity to change. Changes cannot be made less than seven (7) days before your scheduled departure. THERE IS ONE (1) COURTESY DATE CHANGE, PER TICKET. All additional changes are $5.00 per guest/ticket. If you do not cancel or reschedule in advance within the above specified time frame, or if you fail to show up for your scheduled tour / time, you will forfeit all monies paid.

I have already purchased tickets but I would like to change my current reservation?

The North Pole Experience offers a one-time courtesy change per reservation and any additional changes are subject to availability. The rebooking fee is $5.00/ticket. Please make sure to plan your trip accordingly when booking. If change is needed, please email Please note, all NPX tickets are non-refundable from time of purchase due to intricate timing and planning of the experience.

How do we receive our tickets?

Once booked, your family will receive your tickets and reservations through e-mail from Santa’s elves. You will receive separate ticket confirmations for all experiences. The Little America Hotel (or lodging of choice) will email your lodging confirmation, and meal packages.

I received a golden ticket from the radio station or other promotion? How do I book?

If you have a golden ticket, or have received a code from a special promotion, please enter this in the coupon box at check out and your tickets will automatically be discounted. If you have any additional questions regarding your booking, please contact

I would like to spend the night during our stay. Does the North Pole Experience have lodging partners?

The North Pole Experience works with many area hotels to ensure your stay is the best of the best. Our host hotel and trolley departure station is the Little America Hotel which offers special rates to guests, as well as meal and lodging packages. Other hotel partners can be found on the buy ticket page underneath the NPX calendar.

Where can I find more information about the NPX Little America meal and lodging packages?

Little America offers a special lodging and meal package for NPX guests which includes:
  • A one-night stay at the Little America Hotel
  • Little America’s lavish NPX dinner buffet
  • The famous NPX breakfast buffet with Santa designed by Little America’s award winning culinary team.
This package is only offered to guests attending the NPX workshop during their stay. Packages are good for one night only.
**Children under the age of 2 are free.   When reserving your package please do not include any child under the age of 2 for the number of children**
The Little America Hotel also offers a discounted guest room rate available to guests that want to stay at the hotel but do not want to purchase all the meals in the package. This rate is only avaiable to guests that have purchased their NPX tickets to Santa’s Workshop and will be attending the workshop over the same dates of their stay.
NPX/Little America Buffet Meals: (PURCHASE A LA CARTE MEALS)
If you are guest of the North Pole Experience that does not happen to be staying at the Little America Hotel with an NPX package, but would like to purchase the NPX Breakfast Buffet with Santa and/or the NPX Dinner Buffet at Little America please click on the link below to purchase meal only tickets. Seating is limited and tickets must be purchased one week prior to the event date. Meal tickets will not be available for sale the day of the event. There is limited availability for the meals and tickets will sell out.
Click here to purchase Breakfast Buffet with Santa – If you purchased Breakfast with Santa, it will take place at the hotel in the Flagstaff room the following morning. Breakfast with Santa is open seating from 7:00-11:00am. Please bring your printed paid meal vouchers with you to check-in.

Can I purchase tickets to the North Pole Experience without staying the night?

Yes. Of course. All tickets are available to be booked without a stay as no guest is required to stay the night in Flagstaff to experience the North Pole Experience.
The North Pole Experience also offers  “NPX Day Trips,” which are earlier tours throughout the day that offer all of the magic and wonder of Santa’s Workshop with special trolley window enhancements. The new times are offered from 8:30-3:45pm and are great for families with younger children, Flagstaff visitors that wish to take in the sights and sounds throughout the day, the local Flagstaff community or perfect for a day trip to the North Pole so you can be back home before bedtime!

Are there other holiday attractions and things to do in Flagstaff during our visit to the North Pole Experience?

The High Country Holidays in Flagstaff bring together the warm memories of past holidays with new traditions for family and friends to embrace. From Thanksgiving through the New Year, Flagstaff is abuzz with plenty of holiday spirit and residents and visitors alike will share in the joy of the season. For more information on other events in Flagstaff, please visit

How far is the drive to Flagstaff and the North Pole Experience?

The drive to Flagstaff is a beautiful transition from desert vegetation, to the cool mountain pines as you near the ski resort destination of Flagstaff. Depending on weather conditions, you should plan on a 2 hour drive from Phoenix, and 3.5 hours from Tucson and Albuquerque.  We recommend utilizing MapQuest to route your NPX excursion at:

How are the road conditions and will I need a 4-wheel drive vehicle?


At NPX, safety is our #1 priority for a fun experience. That includes our guests arriving safely to Flagstaff…SO PLEASE PLAN AHEAD! Road conditions can vary by the weather conditions. We encourage our NPX guests to check road conditions prior to their departure via 511 and the National Weather Service. Please make sure you adjust your trip timing if winter weather is present! When snow is present, front wheel drive is highly recommended and four wheel drive is strongly recommended. Flagstaff is a designated ski resort city at 7,200 feet in altitude. NOTE:  I-17 and I-40 are the major highways that intersect on the outskirts of Flagstaff, making Flagstaff one of the best driving conditioned roads with the State of Arizona highway department doing what they do best.

What should we wear (dress/attire) for the North Pole Experience?

Be prepared for wintery conditions and colder weather. You should dress appropriately as if you were traveling to a ski resort destination. For the NPX Experience Trip, children are encouraged to dress in pajamas with boots or shoes, and a jacket, gloves and hat or Christmas outfits!
Remember, these are memories that last a lifetime on those cameras! The trolleys are heated, and families will only be outside for a few minutes to board/depart the trolley as they knock on the doors of Santa’s Workshop. Once inside Santa’s factory, children can roll up their pajama sleeves and work side-by-side with Santa’s elves to build toys with the elves! After your visit with Santa, you will be outside for a few moments around our large fire pit outside the workshop as you wait for your trolley to arrive and take you back to Little America.

Weather conditions: Will there be snow?

While Santa really likes good snow cover on the ground for landing his sleigh, but snow conditions can vary in the Flagstaff area. Sometimes he gifts it to other places around the World. We are nestled at 7,200′ feet which provides for a good potential for a winter experience. If snow conditions are light, heavy, or non-existent on your experience date, rest assured the magic and hands on experience of NPX will be a treat to your family no matter what.

Is there a military discount?

Yes, of course! We love to support our troops! Please call our reservation number for more information and to receive your discount. *Proper ID will be required to at check- in desk.

Are strollers allowed at NPX?

If you have little ones, please bring a sling or infant carrier. If you have a non-ticketed infant, they are considered lap children. NOTE: If needed, strollers may be placed underneath for the ride to the workshop if needed.

What is the process for reservation changes?

NPX tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE and cannot be extended to another date / time this season unless pre-arranged two weeks prior to original trolley departure date. We are unable to make ANY changes 48 hours before your tour. Please note, there is one courtesy ticket date change on all orders but will be no refunds for changes of tours from day to night. All additional changes are $5.00 per guest/ticket.

While we understand many of you are traveling to NPX in groups, or have friends/family attending NPX the same night, we are not able to switch or move your reservation to a different tour time the night you arrive. Tours are booked intricately ahead of time and need to be pre-planned. We may perhaps be able to add an additional ticket to your purchase. Please check with reservations.

Do we need to print our tickets for the North Pole Experience?

Please print all North Pole Experience workshop ticket vouchers or you are welcome to show your barcoded tickets on your phone with a photo ID.

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